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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Who Wants Pig of the Month? #VideoRecipes #PigOfTheMonth


Mouth Watering BBQ Delivered Nationwide

Pig of the Month BBQ holiday promotion banner.

It all started to know these products through PIG OF THE MONTH WEBSITE. Impressed with the way the Company handled their online system of handling deliveries all over the world. Click this link PIG OF THE MONTH for more information.
to know more about their line of products.

Win A Year's Worth Of Barbecue! Yes, 365 Days Of Texas Ribs, Carolina Pork Through Food Republic

Pig of the Month is a product of a beloved family tradition — one family’s insanely wild goose chase for the best barbecue. Using all the experience, tips and recipes from their many cross-country barbecue road trips plus using a smoking technique that was perfected over many decades, Pig Of The Month was born.

Pig Of The Month recreates favorite barbecues from different regions such as perfectly smoked barbecue ribs, award winning pulled pork, specialty sausages, gourmet bacon, BBQ sides and award winning BBQ sauces all with 100% natural, anti-biotic and hormone free meats and wants to share it with you!

Food Republic is giving away a year's membership to Pig Of The Month BBQ. That's an entire year's worth of ribs, pulled pork, sausage and more meaty treasures. Some would say it's our meatiest giveaway to date. And all you have to do is sign up for our newly designed newsletter. Fill out the form below — we promise it's just a couple of clicks — to be eligible for the drawing.

A year of BBQ Of the Month Club includes:

Month 1: 2 racks Memphis ribs and sauce
Month 2: 2 racks Texas ribs and sauce
Month 3: 2 pounds of pulled pork, and 2 pounds BBQ beef brisket
Month 4: 2 racks Key West ribs and sauce
Month 5: 2 rack Carolina Mustard ribs, and sauce
Month 6: Sausage sampler, varies by season
Month 7: 2 racks dry style ribs and a pound of corned beef
Month 8: 3 pounds assorted flavors of specialty bacon, varies by season
Month 9: A mix of ribs, a side item, and a sweet treat, all vary by season
Month 10: A mix of our specialty items, varies by season. (anything from pork chops, smoked turkey, charcuterie, etc)
Month 11: A mix of our specialty items, varies by season.
Month 12: A mix of our specialty items, varies by season.

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